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IMPORTANT: we have been receiving many emails and calls from USA regarding a supposed job offer from our company. Please be aware that this is a scam. We operate only in Italy and we are not looking to any employee out of Italy at the moment. 


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Real Estate Investments

Real Estate Development of upscale and luxury properties across Europe.

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Operating since 1989, Azzurra is an italian real estate company based in central Italy that specializes in real estate investment, real estate development and asset management, focusing on Southern Europe area. Azzurra has a proven track record of identifying and acquiring upscale properties in particular those with stable underlying cashflows and able to achieve returns above the peers average.


Our approach is driven by a fully integrated research on the industry in order to spot opportunistic and value added investment strategies, able to achieve high ROI (Return on Investment) and a durable gapital gain over the years. The fields where we mainly operate are: commercial, offices, residential properties, luxury housing and tourist industry.


We are able to provide advice on various types of real estate investment and following all the step of the negotiation proces: i.e. from pre-sale and post-sale operations, including the legal, taxation and accounting side of the operation.



Real Estate Investments